Welcome to DP Custom Knives!

Thank you for your interest in my work and for taking the time to visit my site.
A little about me – my name is Dmitriy Popov. I have recently moved to the beautiful Central Coast NSW after leaving in Western suburbs of Sydney for 12 years. I have always been fascinated by edged tools and in 2011 have taken a plunge into knifemaking, which has consumed my life ever since.

This creative outlet has allowed me to embark on the search for perfection, both in my design and knifemaking skills. I have been very fortunate to have my work discovered by people that appreciate knives and edged tools and I enjoy creating unique, beautiful and practical knives for my customers. I have been honored with multiple awards over the years and am a member of the Australian Knife Art Association.

I don’t mass produce anything. Every single knife you see on this webpage has been hand crafted in my workshop. I aim to make the best knife I can, not the most knives I can.
I am solely responsible for every step of the process – design, metal and wood work, heat treatment, sheaths, sales, etc. I spend a lot of time hunting down the best raw materials from every corner of the world  and take pride in crafting bespoke knives that are unique, practical and which will stand the test of time and can be passed down to your children.

Being a one man shop, I don't have many knives available for sale at any one time.  Please check the ‘Sales Corner’ for any available items and, if you like, please feel free to sign up to the mailing list to receive regular newsletters and to be notified of any knives becoming available for sale.

If you would like to get in touch, please shoot me an email – [email protected]

You can also catch me on Instragram, Facebook and YouTube.

Thank you again.